Replacing the printer roller?

The printer paper loader normally sits unused on the side, but when I did want to try it I found the roller (P2) and cap (P6) had gone astray. So does anyone know if there’s a standard component to replace P2? And/or is there an STL about for P6 for printing?

Thanks in advance

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According to some googling, the printer mechanism used is compatible to one LTP02-245.
I found a listing for one on Aliexpress to check how many teeth the gear on the roller has.

Looks about right, 21 teeth as with the original Liyin MTP02-I.

It’s not much but it is some sort of lead.

Deffo a lead… Hmmm… (Then goes orders one to see if this will work :slight_smile: )

By the way, the model for 3D printing P6 can be found on the Clockwork Pi Store for free if you enter the correct discount code.

Since I already have my copy of the meshes open in FreeCAD, I took the liberty of exporting just P6 for convenience since it is a rather huge file to import.

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I was looking for a replacement for the printer and yeah the LTP02 should do but I haven’t ordered any because all the ones I find, seem to have a shorter flex cable. At least visually from the photos.

The printer module used in the DevTerm is definitely a standard thing, it was not made specifically for the DevTerm. Finding the roller should be easy but it would probably not come without the whole module.

Have you tried to contact CPi? They may be able to send the part you are missing? Probably not for free, but who knows.

Went for the whole printer replacement option which is currently winging its way here. Also, as quantum losing demands, the roller was found :slight_smile: - Still going to try the replacement.


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