Help with DevTerm Thermal Printer "Sticking"

My A06 arrived today, and I just put it together.

When I try to print to the thermal printer, the paper starts to advance, stops, and won’t move again. On inspection, it appears that the motor which feeds the paper seems to get stuck.

Any advice for troubleshooting?

I’ve got this problem only on adhesive paper.

Maybe changing timing in advance paper routine would help.

Sadly power circuit of thermal printer is weak so increasing delay can not help.

If you do test this fix and it works I can add it to kernel driver

I’ve not been able to test this as I’ve not been able to persuade the printer code to build. Some issue with not being able to find wiringPi.

To add some information, when running the test script, it prints the logo fine, but as soon as it comes to text, it does not advance the paper properly.

I’ve been using the printer daily with no issues. One approach is to just try a different kind of paper. If it works, then you’ve solved the issue. If you try a few different types of paper and it still doesn’t work, I personally think it is likely something “hardware” so no amount of fiddling with the software is going to “fix” that.

DevTerm/Code/devterm_wiringpi_cpi at main · clockworkpi/DevTerm · GitHub - here is patched wiringpi which you need