Retorarch cfg file location

im an idiot, cant figure out how to get to the cfg file for retroarch, using winscp

You may need to enable the viewing of hidden folders. It is located in:


The tilde (~) represents being in the home directory. I don’t use Winscp, so i don’t know how it lists directories. You may need to have the path set to:


ok I saved my cfg, replaced it with yours, rebooted, no change in retroarch…

I’m just going to continue the discussion from where you left off on the DEOT thread, even though the topic title isn’t related to it at all. Perhaps consider revising it, reflecting your problems with retroarch running on 0.5? Other may be able to help more readily.

Was this on a completely clean freshly formatted system. I’m just not 100% certain you haven’t done ANYTHING else to the system. And have you 100% verified that you have checked EVERYY connection?
Try having it plugged in while using it. Also try and change the power profile to the performance one.
Another thing to try! In the online updater within retroarch, download the updated assets.
I’ve just formatted a fresh card to troubleshoot something else for someone, and am having no troubles with Retroarch, or anything really.
There must be a factor that is different between what you and I have between us, and the only thing I can think of is user intervention.

was a fresh system a few months ago when I flashed it yes, no updates done to the deot version since. after I stopped posting last night I started trying to work on the .5 version, works fine except I cant get retroarch (using the rgui menu) to scan directories and show playlists