Understanding the File system

Been trying to navigate the file system to get Retroarch to work but I have no idea how to find anything I’ve uploaded. When I connect via subnet I see the two folders. “games” and “music” and the respective programs that utilize the files there have no problem. But when I look through Retroarch for content I am dumped at the root folder. I’ve crawled through every subfolder there and haven’t been able to locate Retroarch or the folders that you connect to and upload. I have some, but not much, experience in linux. Can’t find anything useful in the usr folder. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Select “/” to begin your journey

Ah! That’s what I was missing. “cpi” Should have recognized it from credentials when I connected. Thank you inter-dimensional seabeast!

I’ll try to add the homedir as a “bookmark” to RA going forward