RetroArch Bindings Not Working

My initial image on the GS crashed so I’ve just went for v0.3 but when I try to set up the bindings in RetroArch they’re not registering the keypad? Does anyone have any info on how to resolve this or are experiencing the same issue?

I’ve went through the online updater and did updates for each available section however it’s not rectified the issue. I feel like I might just have to reimage it to the earlier version of CWP but I don’t want to since I’ve just spent a short while setting 0.3 up.

You’re not alone. I just finished uploading roms and went to set up Retroarch again and I have the same issue. Really wanting to use the latest OS but at the moment, I’m having lots of glitches and crashes and I think I’d probably better of downgrading and wait for a more stable image.

:frowning: I knew that was coming. I think ill just have to as well over the weekend. In saying that some of the games o have work on the pre-installed emulators but obv Retroarch has more. At least I’ll have something to do this weekend.

You can also try to edit retroarch.cfg to change key bindings.

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I didn’t know this was a thing! I’ll give it a whirl tonight. Thanks for the info!