Retroarch: Main menu continuously scrolls

Whenever I scroll through the menu, the selection choice just keeps on going. However, when i hit the shift button it allows me to scroll through the menu normally for a little bit. Eventually the choices in the main menu just keep scrolling.

Any ideas? Any help is appreciated.

Do you have the light key unit installed? If so check to see if any of the buttons are “lit up.” If they are, this is a sign that a button is being pushed, then potentially some pins could be shorting. The pins are small, and the plug is fairly fiddly to align, so could happen easily.
Being the L/R shoulder buttons, this would potentially scroll down a rom list. Holding shift changes the function to ABXY, which could be why it stops.
Alternatively, some of the plastic flash of one of the buttons could be present, causing a key to jam.

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So the far left one shouldn’t always be glowing?

How would I fix this?

Hi, Veronica here.
I assume that’s because the direction button is jamed.
Please try to re-install the Keypad and see if it’s solved.
If not, please send an e-mail to looking for further help.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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The left most light key constantly glowing would definitely be a case of two pins being bent, and shorting out.

Try troubleshooting your issue, removing the light key module. If it solves your scrolling problem, then you have found your culprit.

Super carefully remove the cable, both in the Arduino keyboard end, and the light key module, and inspect the pins. It is most likely one of the end ones, relating to the left light key.

The pins are so small, that they can end up both going into a single jumper end of the cable. You may need to straighten the pin out. Definitely remove it from the plastic shell before doing this.

Likewise, it might be an idea to insert the cables while it’s removed, removing any additional margins of error.

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