Retroarch Update URL

Just got back to trying to use my Gameshell. Having an issue with using the online updater for RetroArch to update config, cores etc… I just keep getting Task failed for every update I attempt. Surprisingly I’m not seeing that anyone else that has the same issue.

RetroArch version 1.8.8.
Update URL’s in retroarch.cfg
core_updater_buildbot_url = “
core_updater_buildbot_assets_url = “

Anything any of you has seen before?

Thanks in advance!!

It appears the web server is down.

They just got hacked lol

I’m also getting this error. Is there a way to fix the issue. Thanks

The webserver is online now. However I am still getting the same error. Thanks

I was able to update using these URL’s in the retroarch.cfg file.

core_updater_buildbot_url = “
core_updater_buildbot_assets_url = “

As a side, it might be worth updating the URL to”
The CPI supports NEON instructions, so potentially you could get some cores built with compatible optimisations.

Great, thanks for the update!

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