RetroPie for uConsole and DevTerm CM4

I was wondering if could create a Ubuntu Mate image for the Uconsole. Can anyone please share the process of making an OS for the Uconsole.

@Snoozer94 has a guide available on getting a new kernel into a image. That’s the easiest way to do it. I’m not sure on Ubuntus image build process

Ty very much working on it now will definitely report back as if this works making a detailed how to for every one else having this issue :grinning: can only work on it here and there so may be a little bit.

Ty so much your the best :ok_hand:t3:


Is there a resolution setting for a way I can change this? I vaguely remember being a display resolution things somewhere in the scripting or something just like the USB thing there was a menu you can go and change display output or something am I remembering that correctly?

in the retroarch menu there should be a section for the aspect ratio.

There is and it changes the retroarch menu but every time I load a ROM it just defaults back to the standard resolution I want to keep playing with it I think it’s because it has windowed mode and full screen mode both activated on a custom resolution I’m going to try just plugging in the actual screen resolution of the Clockwork see if that works

There is every time I change it and quit back into retropie it just defaults back to the 720x460 or whatever it is it’ll change while I’m in retroarch but as soon as I leave it just defaults and there’s no way to change it and yes I do have it set to save configuration on exit and what not I’m just messing around with it I just don’t want to screw it up😄

it should say something about core aspect ratio, theres like 2-3 different aspect ratio settings. i’ll find them and do a bit of polishing tonight so the next image will have the correct aspects out the box.

I just flash a fresh image and the aspect ratio is correct out the box.

My guess is that the directory you are importing comes with a default retroarch config (or bypasses the config provided by Rex), which doesn’t take into account the fact that the screen is rotated.

You can fix this in Retroarch by opening the menu, and then adjusting the aspect ratio in Settings > Video > Scaling from 4:3 to 3:4. Next navigate to Quick Menu > Core Options > Manage Core Options > Save Content Directory Options. You may need to select Delete Content Directory Options first.

If you do this once per system, you should be good to go. You can also edit the config files by hand.

Yeah I keep changing them but can’t get them to stick and none of them seem quite right but I wouldn’t know because I can’t get a game to fire up with the changed ratio the menu just looks weird until you quit, also it’s sideways and I can’t find the comment where you’re like just punch this into the config file it’s only retroarch that sideways everything else is in normal orientation whatever you open retroarch it’s rotated counterclockwise 90°, and in retroarch it says screen rotation enabled yes rotate 270° I was like oh cool I’ll just change the rotation it does not change the rotation I tried each one 9180 it just messed up the aspect ratio but did not rotate the screen at all and I didn’t want to get it to the point where it did something and then was outside of the screen I’m assuming all this is going to affect my external monitor when I go to hook it up and not screen zero the built-in screen I figure before I mess it up and have to reflash it and do all that I’ll just wait for your updated thing anyways and just let you know the few things I came across :slightly_smiling_face: I have it so it’s supposed to save the config on exit but it does not every time it exits it just defaults the settings back for some reason.

Wait for it is it because the screen is rotated 90° but my games are playing at that small boxed in resolution I wouldn’t think so because everything in retropie is in the correct orientation and everything is fine until the game plays but the game’s not at a 90° angle do you see the correlation I’m trying to connect? because retroarch thinks it’s sideways it’s using that tiny resolution even though retro pie is correcting the orientation if I input that line you told me to use and it turns retroarch to 90°, it should fix the game emulation resolution would it not?

Kind of like when you take a picture sideways and it’s full screen but then you rotate it 90°, it gets that box then effect? I’m hoping I get my question and thoughts across I’m not the best at it.

I’ll be uploading a new image here in 2 hours. If I was you I would download that and reflash your SD. Do not change any settings. The retroarch menu is sideways and cannot be rotated it’s not coded to be able to rotate within the frame buffer. If that menu screen could be rotated, it would have been.

First, don’t panic.

There’s a longstanding issue with Retropie. If you launch Retroarch directly to the framebuffer, instead of X11 or Wayland, the Retroarch menu doesn’t rotate. It will always display on the screen’s default orientation, which isn’t ideal on the uConsole. Unfortunately running it on the framebuffer gets you significantly better performance.

As far as I know, there’s nothing we can do to rotate the menu. The Librerto project needs to fix it, and they don’t consider it a priority. It’s a bit annoying but not a dealbreaker to me. YMMV.

The games display normally though. Because of how the screen is set up, you may need to set the aspect ratio to 3:4 instead of 4:3.

You can save the changes on the Manage Core Options screen. You may need to use the B button to navigate from the Quick Menu to the Settings menu.

I would also suggest that instead of running your entire library of ROMs from a USB stick, maybe try putting a smaller collection of games on the uConsole’s SD card and see if the issue persists.

there’s a new version of the image up with that usb add on up now if you need it.

That’s what I did I just flashed my favorite ROMs onto my SD card fact was I bought like 32 gig SD cards because I’m like I’m just running the operating system off it so I have no room for any real amount of ROMs on it but that’s neither here nor there I got it up and running I got games playing no issues PlayStation NES it’s all good I’m wondering if it should have no problem running scum right or redream? And I’m literally right now just copied my 2 TB Library back to my USB stick and I found the USB ROM support tab in the Raspberry Pi config it’s under optional packages it’s the very last item right by the scraper. And I have a one terabyte hard drive that I formatted into fat and I’m going to see if either of them will work which they should as they work on every other raspberry so I’ll keep you posted thank you for the help with the resolution that’s my only real problem right now you got something amazing it was just super frustrating trying to get this done in between customers and cars and I have so many posts with you guys I keep getting lost in them I appreciate the patience and helping me get through this

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Is there any way you could send me the link to the new image please and thank you God oh my God thank you so much I’ve already got a bunch of other people I’m pointing in the right direction like I said when I went down this Rabbit Hole I found an insane amount of people that had just given up on this thing and I got them all blowing me up now so I’m sending them all directly to your image bud