Retropie uconsole not working

Hi guys,

I installed retropie on my uConsole following the instructions found here: Debian/Ubuntu - RetroPie Docs

After installation i can launch retropie. I setup the constrols. Now when i try to launch anything like games or choose an option in the menu, retropie crashes. The screen exits retropie and comes back to where i first was in retropie.

Anybody got any experience with this issue?

Not 100% sure but it might be because most 64-bit linux operating systems don’t come with the libraries needed to run 32-bit apps anymore. I found a command for adding all of the ones needed for Box86 which should also cover the ones needed for retropie (this forum is weird with - marks so adjust if necessary)

sudo apt install libegl-mesa0:armhf libgdm1:armhf libgl1-mesa-dri:armhf libglapi-mesa:armhf libgles2-mesa:armhf libglu1-mesa:armhf libglx-mesa0:armhf mesa-va-drivers:armhf mesa-vdpau-drivers:armhf mesa-vulkan-drivers:armhf libsdl1.2debian:armhf libsdl2-2.0-0:armhf libudev1:armhf

Thanks for the fast respons. Sadly didn’t fix the issue. One package couldn’t be installed. The libsdl2-2.0-0:armhf. Screen still exits retropie and comes back to where i was. But i was also thinking it’s related to the 64-bit version. When i read the information on the retropie site it states that a 32-bit version is installed when doing a basic installation.

Solved the issue!

It was user error as mostly happens
I mistakenly used the ‘run’ window to start emulationstation. This should only be done via terminal itself.