Did anyone get Retroarch to work? How?

The version that comes with the latest OS image does not work. If you update the core updater url you can at least get cores to show up but they do not load. Roms seem to also not get recognized. Did anyone get Retroarch to work? I bought the uConsole as mobile gaming device among other things and this is quite frustrating.

Can we expect any OS updates?

retroarch -L xxxxx.so rom.zip

I got retroarch working by this way on devterm & uConsole

seems that official retroarch does not have arm64 core pre-compilied ,that’s why the core updater will fail

See this post for info getting ARM64 cores to work in Retroarch. That post is focused on the devterm, but I’d expect the uconsole should be identical in that regard.

I got retroarch working by installing PIApps, used that to Install Pikiss too. Install retroarch (with piapps) and the cores will be loaded from what I can tell. You just need to manually load the core and find the rom directory. I think I used PiApps for retroarch.