RISC-V or NXP i.MX8M Quad

as you write on your product page, evaluate other architectures. A powerful RISC-V would be great! The NXP i.MX8M Quad is also an option for high-performance, trusted computing.

Sufficient RAM (> 2 GB) is of course very important for a powerful system.

It would be nice if you could sell the cores independently - so that the users could change their system on demand


yes, RISC-V would be wonderful


I agree, I’m really excited about a RISC-V core. I’m debating which core to buy now with my DevTerm because I want to swap in a RISC-V core as soon as it’s available.

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If I knew anything about circuit design, I’d love to make a RISC-V core board. We know that the core boards are going to be pin-compatible with the CM3, which has a datasheet with pinouts on page 5. I wonder if the SOPINE or SoEdge are compatible…

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To give you some closure, it looks like the pins for the PINE boards don’t line up with the DevTerm’s/CM specs. Some GND and Positive pins conflict, HDMI for Pine uses the Camera pins for the devTerm’s Ext board.

But since the functionality and form factor are so similar, it doesn’t seem too ambitious to design and produce an alternate version of the DevTerm’s main board that supports the SOPINE/SoEdge. It might only need the pins remapped.

EDIT: also it looks like the Pine has a different form factor. It uses the 204 pin SODIMM layout, while the pi CM/devTerm uses the 200 pin layout/


look at this guy finding deets i could not find.
thanx a whole heap.
standing ovation


BeagleBoard has released a RISC-V computer with JH7100/JH7110 SoC on it. The chip supports linux and the price is not high. I think DevTerm can take the chip as core module.

So there is Risc-V Computer module which will work on DevTerm :smiley:


I want this! When will it be available? :heart_eyes: