RPI-CM4 Lite or CM4 with eMMC

I was planning to get CM4 with eMMC, CM4108032, and wondered if it would provide any extra benefit beyond the CM4 lite in a real-world application such as:

  • Tracktion Waveform 11

Or should I stick with the CM4 lite?

You’ll get a slight storage speed improvement but you’ll need an IO board of some kind to flash the image to the CM4, you can’t flash emmc on the uConsole itself.

I have such CM4.
eMMC has faster speed than sdcard, also 8Gb of RAM is better if you run big apps like me.
On the other hand you need to have spare IO board to flash OS to CM4 and keep it somewhere is something went wrong and you need to grab/edit your data on eMMC. Also keep in mind that 32Gb is not so much.


And of course you will not be able to use sdcard at all. Only some USB memory stick which will be limited to uConsole USB port speed.


Thanks for the information.