RPI CM4 pin compatible RISC-V compute module

Today I was browsing YouTube and came across this video from Jeff Geerling. The SBC he is showing is the Milk-V Mars CM which is pin compatible with the RPI CM4 module.

Just if we can get the module it looks like a nice alternative for the uConsole and maybe even the DevTerm.

I know a lot of work needs to be done to get this module working in the uConsole but it seems to have some nicer specs than the R1.

What are you thinking, will it be possible the get this module working in the uConsole? Would it be a way to get aroud the long waiting times for a RPI CM4? Yes also this is currently unavailable but still.

I have a Mars CM (8GB, WiFi, SDIO) on order from ARace. Regardless of Jeff G’s experience, I’m not certain whether Milk-V is actually shipping them because ARace has slipped shipping twice and is “sold out”.

definitely keen to hear your results if/when it does actually turn up.

Milk-V/ARace shipped some eMMC units. One of which got to Jeff Geerling. I don’t believe any SDIO units shipped. I cancelled my order, but will reorder when/if the correct product becomes available.

RISC-V for general purpose use is still somewhat early days. That situation will change, particularly in the PRC.

I’m not afraid to compile software and alter it to a different cpu. It will take some time but it is not impossible. I hope the uconsole will not take too long to ship.