Run SylixOS on GameShell

Here is my github address:

1.SylixOS Shell

2.LCD test

3.SD & LCD driver is ok now,i decide to port gpu driver to SylixOS,it may take 2 or 3 mouth.


good job,nice work :+1:

Cool! I’d never heard of SylixOS, and in the bit of poking around online I didn’t find much description in English. I’m curious what advantages it might have over the Debian based stuff the GameShell ships with. It would be great to see this developed though, as maybe it will get more updates (specifically for working/reliable video acceleration) than the official OS. :wink:

thank you,thank you,thank you

SylixOS is a RTOS kernel like VxWorks、RTEMS.I use it on GameShell just for fun,there is a lot of work to do like gpu、sound、hdmi、usb keypad and other features.My final goal is run Love2D games on SylixOS,I hope that I can keep doing it:joy:


Congrats @databuser it’s great to see some diversity in the software running on the gameshell. If you had some documentation on how to compile and run sylixos it would help others try it out and give you some feedback (and battletest the compile/install steps).

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Hi, arthur,thanks for your suggestion.Some documentation will be provided later:)There are now some documentation on how to use SylixOS, but these documents are written in Chinese. I will continue to add some documentation, thank you again for your reply.


老哥,要是我想运行kali linux需要,怎么去适配呀?显示屏的驱动如何解决呀