Sega CD Bios Location


I’ve had a very difficult time getting bios files to work for Genesis Plus GX or PIcoDrive to play Sega CD Games. I have tried placing the drivers in a folder named bios in the games directory. I have tried placing them in the System folder under the RetroArch Directory. I know the naming convention is different for either emulator. But what is the proper location for these Bios files? Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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Hi Kshelton71,
BIOS goes in /home/cpi/.config/retroarch/bios/ for RetroArch cores on GameSH>, don’t worry about console specific folders or anything.


Thanks for the info. Still having some issues with getting my Sega CD games to run however in either Sega Genesis emulator. Looks like it’s back to research. Thanks again.


Yeah, I’ve run into some problems myself, Snatcher seems to run fine on genesis plus gx, but Sonic CD hangs. I don’t have a lot of Sega CD games to test out, but may end up trying some different cores and seeing what works.