Schematics are without values of components

There are schematics of the DevTerm appeared on github.
I have noticed that on these schematics, all the components are labelled with their IDs (like R508, C512, and so on, and so on), but not with their values.
So when looking at the schematics I can not find out what are the resistances of the resistors, what are the capacitors, …
The schematics would be much more helpful with the actual values included.
Why are they not?
Is there a chance for update?


True. I downloaded the schematics and tried to get a glimpse of what CPUs were used in the A04/A06 cores. Just found out the blocks were vaguely labeled.

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Adding to this: it would also be great to get schematics for the cores! It sounds like those are custom.

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the modules definitely sound custom… the cores and gpu are actually common in smart devices. the nintendo switch, for instance uses the cortex series cpus. i, to would L0VE to know more about these details.

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I think they will continue to use Allwinner CPU

ALL the modules use a ARM64-bit Quad-Core Cortex* cpu…?. the only difference is the total number of cores, the gpu, memory and “undisclosed features” it mentions the available modules in the module section on the devterm page?

GameShell uses Allwinner’s R16, which also powers SNES classic, NES classic and so on.

I guess for the A04, they might choose Allwinner’s H6.

For the A06, Rockchip’s RK3399 tends to be good candidates.

Judging by the kernel development skulduggery, I’m hoping that there won’t be too much fragmentation of community development dependent on the cpu chosen.

I may very well see if I can add an extra A04 cpi to my A06 order, if it just means being able to test things better, and help out the community more.

The last thing we want is anyone feeling buyer’s remorse, getting a lesser supported unit. I’ll look into that. Meantime, I don’t think I’ve seen any polls surveying which model people bought. I might make a thread :slight_smile:


“Buyer’s remorse of a lesser supported unit” is precisely what I wanted to avoid. I was going to opt for the RPi model and wait for the core cpi being sold separately. At least the RPi CM3+ Lite can be used in other projects. I am not sure about the CPI cores.

Well, they’re using the same quad core cortex A53 across the board; just the clockwork one is clocked higher (no pun intended)
I’m curious as to how the A06 will be utilising a dual cpi A53 + A72 set up.

I’m really wanting to get a spare A06 A53 only board, and maybe a RPi board, but I can’t justify buying three complete units just for testing purposes; as much as I would love to.

For reference, I made a poll gauging the community’s choices.


i noticed that, too. the only real difference is clock speed, core number, gpu and memory. and possible some undisclosed features… the biggest difference in kernels would be the gpu, i imagine, being completely different from the rpicm series. having never done kernel development, not sure really what’s involved with having a secondary set of cores on the a06 kernel wise

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It’s ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture to balance between power and performance.

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