Screen protector and size

I am looking to order a customized screen protector for devterm.

But I don’t have my unit yet as it’s still pending for the next A06 batch shipment.

From the website, it shows the size is 67mm X 180mm, but I m not sure if it includes the screen bezel or not. And I can’t measure it on my own as I don’t have mine yet.

Does anyone have a measurement or can confirm that the size 67mm X 180mm includes the bezel or not?


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check this out, seems to be a devterm-specific protector.

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This seems to be the one in the picture. I don’t read Japanese, but it looks like they only sell to and ship locally in Japan. I wonder if there will be any companies that provide something like this and ship worldwide (in my case, the US)?



I don’t think they ship overseas.
But there are tons of custom options on the internet:

Just google custom screen protector.

That’s why I am asking for the measurement.

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Search Amazon, i had a few results specific to the devterm


Damn didn’t expect I can just get that from amazon lol, capitalism always act fast lol


Ha, just like @marrrk I hadn’t even thought to look on Amazon, since this is such a niche device. But, a’las… There it is! Many choices, too. Thanks for the heads up!

There’s a BROTEC brand that has matte and clear variants. I would imagine a matte one wouldn’t be good for the DevTerm since the screen is almost always at an angle from our POV, being that it isn’t hinged/adjustable. I might go for a clear offering.

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Lamin-x Protective Films : Headlight, Tail Light and Fog Light Protection

These guys will cut to size for you, surprisingly cheap. Have this stuff on my phones/cars headlights.

Call me suspicious but when I searched earlier today there were several to choose from, and all in stock. Now I went back to place an order and searches come back empty. Did someone see this thread and buy all the stock in order to corner the market??? :thinking: vs amazon.(your country domain)?