SD card choice - how big and fast?

Getting ready to buy a new SD card for my A06, I’d like more space and started reading about which cards work well in Raspberry Pi. One article mentioned the exFAT format wasn’t really a good choice because the boot loader would only work with FAT32… Is this correct?

I was thinking of getting at least 64gb but probably 128gb EVO Pro Endurance as Tom’s Hardware gave the 32gb version a general “best overall” description. But if the filesystem is going to drag that down, then not the best choice. If it matters I expect to be flashing an image, so the partition table and formatting will come from that image.

Is this fat32 an issue or not?

Filesystems are generally non issue for A06 – because rk3399 doesn’t care at all, and only picks up initial bootloader stage from a fixed offset.
It is up to the initial stage to include fs driver and detect partitions.

Also, you would probably want ext4 instead of fat32 or exfat for POSIX access control compatibility. (Everything on fat32 is executable)

If you have heavy I/o workloads, consider flash aware filesystems like f2fs to prolong SD card lifespan.

I was switch from SanDisk to Samsung endurance. I’m not running any bench, but enduro terrible on small files, very good on big files.