Max sd card size, r/w speeds?

What’s largest size of micro sd you tested on uconsole? what were read/write speeds?


That’s an interesting question! I’m currently using a SanDisk Extreme 256GB card with my CM4 uConsole. I installed Raspberry Pi Diagnostics using sudo apt install agnostics and received the following results.

Sequential write speed: 36,551 KB/sec
Random write speed: 1049 IOPS
Random read speed: 2700 IOPS

It’s well below the 130 MB write speed that the card is rated for, but seems to be in line with other benchmarks made using Raspberry Pi 4B’s internal SD card slot. My guess is that it’s a limitation of the CM4 SD card interface. If you’re using the uConsole’s SD card slot I wouldn’t overspend for the fastest card on the market.

As for capacity, ClockworkPi lists a tested maximum capacity of 256GB on their website but other users have reported larger cards working. I think you’re probably safe so long as you don’t go over 2TB.

Someone on here I believe successfully tested a scandisk 400gb…

Id probably go with a scandisk pro endurance 128gb… or 256… Just cause SD cards in rpi don’t last forever… You want an industrial style card…

The largest SD card available right now is like 1.4tb…

Anyone tested at least 512GB?

I think so long as it’s a SDXC card and not SDUC, you should be fine.

Id probably go with a scandisk pro endurance 128gb… or 256… Just cause SD cards in rpi don’t last forever… You want an industrial style card…

I had my first SD card fail on me a couple months back. Flipped into read-only mode, so I didn’t lose any data from my Pi server. Got four years of constant use out of it as my FoundryVTT server so I can’t complain.

Glad it failed gracefully.

I tried a 512 GB and the unit would not boot - I tried a second card and a second image refresh and it would not boot - R-01 processor… dont forget to back up your sd images - also I use build notes if I have to start from a stock image.

Ya, that’s how sd’s fail… no longer clear data… industrial cards have a 10 year usage estimate…

I have some industrial cards I see for work… most of them last upwards of 12 years in use 24/7… But they cost a lot and are only 2gb…

It took me a minute to troubleshoot why my changes weren’t saving, but if I have to choose how a storage medium will fail I definitely prefer everything being accessible to the entire drive being dead.

I just use mid range cards and backup often. You can dd the entire card manualy from time to time, or rsync everything in your home to another machine.

I got a kingston canvas select 512gb card on a ‘regular’ pi 4 working. should be fine?

Anyone tested 512GB card on uConsole?

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Yes, doesn’t work for me. Not able to put the os on the 512 card. Work well with 256gb

I’m using a 1tb from MicroCenter in mine

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I recently purchased the Samsung EVO 512GB since it was on sale. I loaded the latest OS image and it’s been an absolute DREAM to use. I haven’t checked the exact speeds but this thing is flying. It actually resolved a lot of issues that I was experiencing with the 32GB card that came with the unit. Genuinely, it’s so good.