Selling a uConsole Kit A-06 with 4g card

who would be insterested by an uConsole Kit A-06 with 4g card ready . I bought it 299 $ plus 69 $ custom taxes . I bought it in november 2022 . I received it in January 2024 . Price would be 200 $ shipping include . (batteries included + sd card)

What country are you located?

What country are you located? I m from France

Why are you selling? Is there anything wrong with the unit? I am very interested, also in France. I was thinking about getting a second unit from CPi after the arrival of the first one (planned for tomorrow) but would be glad to get the second one locally. I have the cash ready to go as soon as you reply to my DM :slight_smile:

I bought this item thinking it would be simple to run dragon_os with sdr technology and kali and maybe windows on arm . I fact I have to rebuild the complete suite (7 full days) to get partial working of radio software . It is a nice product to put in a pocket but it is too much complicated to run . Some guys here , instead of sharing their kwnoledge , prefer to complain about my experiences . 40 years working in computers isn’t enough for them . I m sure I was already working that these people were eating milk from their mother .
If you are interessed , I have a paypal account

Because of the mods you have to make to get the OS running on these I suspect your best is to install all the SDR apps DragonOS has onto the standard uConsole distro…
I use DargonOS on a Thinkpad.

dragon os is working fine on a raspi 5 without any modification

Please delete these posts , No one is interested by my A06 .

really? this surprises me a lot, i wouldve assumed that your device will be sold in a few minutes, especially in europe.

You ship to the US? 20 characters…

Im in CA, interested.

I’m interested, I really need A06 for uPico testing!
I’m in US

3 offers and I can send to USA . Best price ?. Please PM