Setting DevTerm as a writer deck

Since I own both uconsole and devterm, I find that I like to use uconsole more.

So I’m thinking of using DevTerm exclusively as writer deck.

Few questions though:

  • If I install raspiOS bookworm lite version, do I need to tinker for battery management and wifi? or will it work out of the box?
  • I plan to only connect to wifi when needed, to save battery even more. How to connect to wifi via terminal, and is there a command to switch wifi on and off?

Thank you.

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I’ve been using this image Bookworm 6.6.y for the uConsole and DevTerm
The lite version already has appropriate battery charge config and wifi is set for the external antenna.

How to connect to wifi via terminal

nmtui should already be installed. Provides a nice text interface for network-manager, to connect to wifi networks and manage existing connections.

is there a command to switch wifi on and off?

I don’t personally use it on my devterm, but rfkill can be used to enable and disable wireless devices (it controls both bluetooth and wifi on the cm4). No idea how much that helps power usage, sorry.

Also, rather than purely console mode, you might be interested in using Wayland with a very light window manager. I use sway, with no window frame and a hidden waybar, and launch emacs on login. Gives me a no frills full screen editor, that looks a lot nicer than the console fonts. :slight_smile:

superb advice. will try this except the wayland, I want to limit myself exclusively with terminal this time.

thank you

Fair enough! :smiley: I set out to do that as well, originally. But my usual editor layout with two side by side windows didn’t quite work for me with the default fonts. Hope you have more success.

imho first thing you should consider is to manage CPU’s power consumption. Not sure what core you have there but based on asking about raspios - assumed we’re talking about something ARM.

Offline’ing CPUs,especially Performance over Efficency cores might be real deal breaker, not to mention dynamic frequency scaling.

Back in my Dell D630 days i heavily used some application to write custom mappings to MSRs, adjusting vcore along core’s frequency to further save on battery.

Enabling wifi powersavings while enabling wifi might also be beneficial.
It’s FLOSS and OpenHardware, sky is the limit :wink:

yes, we’ll see how I go. downloaded the bookworm cli image. will flash tonight.

mine’s the CM3 version. Do I need to manage power consumption if I only use it writing (say, in Vim) offline? I plan to save to usb storage and offline to get the maximum battery life. Else, turning wifi as needed only to upload to cloud. Still exploring my options.

the bookworm image posted will not work with the cm3.

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imho - yes. if you’re aiming at longest runtime then every watt counts. Also, there’s no need to run 4GHz while running vim :wink:

yeah, I was gonna ask why the image doesn’t seem to work. so my option is only the default CM3 os?

Yes, or compile a updated kernel and make a new image.

bummer. my skill set is definitely too far from doing that atm. thank you anyway.

decided to just switch it around. I’ll use the DevTerm to learn linux with GUI, and my CM4 Lite uConsole to learn terminal.