Share the real size file for DIY a devterm case

This is a finished work.

This is a modified file based on the above work. If you look at it carefully, you will find that the details have been improved. I made it with autocad, 1:1 print output, used a2 page setting, 420*594mm, if you have a2 format printer you can print the file directly, it will save you time for sampling, you can directly follow this size for tailoring . .
The felt materials are very cheap and easy to get. My first work was made with shopping bags. I didn’t expect that the shopping bag now use felt. Then I bought 1 square meter of felt on Taobao, it costs me 6 CNY and free shipping, for personal reason I added an extra 23 CNY to exchange for SF Express. This finished work is made of felt bought from Taobao.
I think the difficult part is the installation of rivets. Special tools are needed. In addition to the rivets that need to be connected, an iron base with holes and an iron rod that can pass through the rivet hole at one end are required, then just hit the other end of the iron rod with a hammer. This job requires a few trials to accumulate experience. Make sure that the metal parts of the two ends of the connected rivet are smooth, otherwise it will scratch your DevTerm.

I think many people who bought DevTerm are thinking that they can’t find a suitable case on the market to carry it, so I shared this file and I am still satisfied with it after a week.
1:1 pdf file


This is awesome, thank you for sharing your template. I really like the idea of using the rod to maintain the bag’s shape, I hate the flimsy feel of most homemade sewn items.

Do you have plans to add a shoulder strap or handle, or any suggestions on how to incorporate one?

nope. i take it with my backpack, this case just for protect Devterm

Cool idea, I’d buy one if you were selling.