Shipment has started!



Plus, it’s Independence Day tomorrow, and America’s gotta America :us: :eagle::fireworks::tada:


Enjoy the 4th ! and let our Clockwork friends take care of the shipping in parallel :joy:


I still don’t have my tracking number (but I’m not too worried, I was expecting it to take a long time to get here in Brazil)


Oof, and won’t you have to pay a lot in “import tax” too? Um abraço de Portugal :slight_smile:


My body is ready, I eagerly await shipping notification! :slight_smile:

Now I’ll just have to see about improving that battery situation. I know of some pretty significant capacity improvement options that aren’t physically gigantic… Excellent…


Cool, do keep us informed :slight_smile: I’ll be trying a heatsink or fan to fit :wink:


How about shipping to Japan?
I’ve not gotten any shipment number yet, when can I receive the email?
Can’t wait! :joy:


Just received my tracking number via email - UK person here!




Hey guys, Same here (germany).

Yes Baby! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Since I don’t see it mentioned here (and not everyone here is from the Kickstarter) it’s worth mentioning that I received my tracking info this morning -I’m a USA backer, and it looks like I’m not the only one who received a tracking number today.

It looks like everyone’s tracking currently says that it’s in a Netherlands based warehouse (at least everyone based in Europe or the Americas, so far as I can tell). Keep in mind that packages don’t update while traveling overseas, so it’s pretty normal to see between 7-14 days of non-activity at the beginning like this.

Also (and I feel like I shouldn’t need to say this, but if I don’t I know that someone will prove I should have) remember that here in the USA, once it hits either the LA or NY hub you won’t see any tracking activity for as much as a week while the thing passes through customs -sometimes (rarely) longer.

Mine unfortunately doesn’t look like it will make it to me before I fly out on vacation, but at least it’ll be waiting here for me when I return! :slight_smile:


For a more real-time update i recommend to check your tracking number on the PostNL tracking page. You can enter your tracking number on the right…


I’ve been stalking my tracking number as well :grinning:


Ready 4 shipment.


Same here! Man I’ve been refreshing PostNL for days xD


Mine too image


Does this status code mean that it is ready to be shipped from the China warehouse to the Netherlands or that it has arrived in the Netherlands and is ready for further shipment?


It think option 2 as @yong indicated it was already enroute from Hong Kong to AMS if memory serves me right…


That mean they are at PostNL warehouse in NL, but does not mean they are going to leave today


USA here. Still waiting for my tracking number.