Shipping & Customs


Are you able to advise what type of shipping is being used to ship to the UK and how long it would take?

Also is there going to be customs charges as well?

I believe we are going to use the China Post ePacket shipping service by default ( Everything You Need to Know About ePacket Shipping: ePacket Delivery Explained).
Normally there are no custom charges, according to most people’s experience buying electronic items from China on eBay and AliExpress, etc. However, some countries may have different regulations.

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Hi, I was reading about the shipments

ePacket for what I read does not arrive in Argentina, could you tell me why you would send the product, and if possible, do you know if there are costs at the local customs? Greetings and success! Nicolás

For countries out of ePacket reach, we will have our shipping partner figure out some other methods, EMS and etc.
According to my own experience, no custom fee is required for small item like this.

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Thank you very much, I look forward to this wonderful product!

It is more the declared price than the size that trigger customs, but for sure a really big packet will look more suspicious is the price is low

That’s true. But the specific declared price that would trigger custom fees varies in different countries? I read it might be $2500 in US?

For the Netherlands it is only 22 euros!! So if you could declare the value to be less than 20 euros I will be very happy :slight_smile:

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About £70 in the UK not sure on the exact amount

Its being sent by epacket and as I read it has a certain size and weight that allows it to be sent (I’m certain the console would weight less than 2kg and is much smaller than the size required). Its quicker delivery than standard China or Hong King post and there may be customs to pay. The customs is based on what type of goods it is and the value of the product. This is what I believe to have seen when using online calculators etc.

I just found the customs think for UK. Less than £135 is no customs according to this page:

I coming from Germany.
How much Euro will take the customs? =(

I think FedEx delivered my gameshell in UK. Had to pay extra £37 customs & administration fee. Wasn’t too impressed.

170 € (Device+Shipping) + ca. 50 € (Taxes) = 220 € for this Device? No way.

A GPD XD+ for 170 € by a seller in Germany it is.

Yes, it hurt.
Im in Vietnam and need to pay +$50 for importing tax.

I had to pay 58,50 euro for importing, bit of a shock when I received the email :sweat_smile: