No word yet after ordering

I’ve placed my order for a white Gameshell last Saturday, but haven’t heard anything yet (apart from getting a receipt and order confirmation right after).
Will I get notified once it’s being shipped? What about a tracking number?

I’m living in Germany, has anyone here experience with how long it took to get their Gameshell? What about customs and taxes?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Feel free to send them an email, mine took a bit of time to process before it was sent (around 6 days). I can’t comment on customs/taxes of Germany.

i ordered mine on the 1st Jun, just got the shipping notification today which is the 15th Jun.

so i would say less than 15 business days since weekends and holidays don’t count.

I got my shipping notification today as well, so I guess I got lucky.

When I enter the tracking number on the DHL site it says that the expected delivery is next Monday, so either they are way off with their calculation or getting something from Hong Kong to Germany is super fast. ^^

I got mine yesterday, so I guess it was pretty fast. Had to pay 61€ for customs, though, which is really expensive. :frowning:

Hope this helps others decide if it’s worth it to them.