Send Gameshell Kit to Europe

From where are you sending the gameshell kits?
I’m from Portugal and usually things that came from outside Europe have to pay big taxes!
I know there are a few Chinese companies (if that’s the case) that are sending through the Netherlands somehow and then redirected to the destination countries.
Do you have any experiences to share?
I’m dying to get my hands on this amazing product!

We are now sending directly from China, via DHL/FedEx express or Postal ePacket services. We had bad experience with Post NL.
Right now, import taxes are unpredictable. For most countries you won’t get taxed for this small item, however several countries (Greece, Austria, Germany, etc.) are experiencing high import taxes. Brazil and Germany even requires personal Tax ID to send international express packages.
We are open to suggestions for better shipping options for Europe.

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Thank you for your answer @yong
Indeed I know it’s not your fault.
The Gameshell it’s an amazing product (no doubt) but for the price it’s hard to not be able to predict the full price after customs taxes, I’m not sure if you have any experience with Portugal but it should be easy at least to know what should be the maximum price tag.
There’s a lot of resellers in Europe (micomputer, dragonbox) for other products like GPD, Bittboy, RS-97 or even amazon, do you think this would be possible?
I would say it has todo with the price but if you look at gpd they are quite expensive!

Wanna buy mine? I have hardly used it. It has the light key, not even put it together. Let me know, I can send you pictures

I ended up buying one!
I had to pay 79.41 € tax + dhl fees (quite expensive).
I’m waiting for it to arrive today