(SOLD) Gameshell white + lightkey for Sale - now HALF PRICE

OK guys, I give up…GS is too advanced for me face palm
Thanks for everyones help, but I’m a plug-and-play guy.

Selling a GS (like new), with lightkey (not even put it together), boxes, manual etc.
New price 197$ (including shipping) + 538 SEK custum fee = 2400 SEK (229 €)

My price 1200 SEK = 129$ = 114 €



You are welcome to sell you gameshell, but please follow the rules on the forum:

Rules to sell gameshell on this forum:

  • Keep it transparent, so price has to be given beforehand, nothing done in PM apart from private details (payment/shipping address)

  • People have to tell on the topic that’s they are interested in buying

  • probably the first asking, first serve is the best selling approach.

  • price negotiation are tolerated but as for the rest must be done openly, NOT BY PM

  • it is the responsibility of the seller to keep the topic updated and to clearly says when the product has been sold

Sorry about that :+1:

If you live in Europe and don’t want to pay expensive shipping + custums you wont find a better deal then this. Half the price. I have all receipts + from Clockwork + shipping and custums.

Hey man - is this still up for sale?

Sorry man, sold…