[Solved] Where does gPSP puts its save files?

I started playing one game on mGBA and decided to continue playing on gPSP and seems like they store .sav files in different locations. mGBA .sav files can be found right beside the rom file, but gPSP seem to be in some different location. I did some digging and didn’t find any folder or at least configs that can point me to save folder. Does anybody have any clue where to look to find it?

Try in ~/apps/emulators
It’s in the same directory as the app from memory.

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There is some weird .cfg file with the same name as rom in there, but it’s definitely not save data (I’ve renamed it to .bak, and the game still had saves in it). Unfortunately I can’t read the contents of this file as it is binary or some weird encoding.

Ok, my bad, got confused by different file types. Seems like MGBA uses .srm files in the same folder as rom, and GPSP uses .sav files in the same folder.
Unfortunately I was not able to convert srm to sav successfully. I’ve found this instruction

Convert from .SRM to .SAV

You need to download gbaconv and compile it manually.

On macOS and Linux, use the following commands in a terminal.

curl -O " https://raw.githubusercontent.com/libretro/vbam-libretro/master/src/libretro/gbaconv/gbaconv.c "

cc -std=gnu99 -o gbaconv gbaconv.c

./gbaconv /path/to/save/file.srm

This will create a .sav file in the same folder.

But with this converted sav file GPSP didn’t see the saved data from MGBA

Ok, Solved it. This online converter helped me https://calc84maniac.github.io/tiboyce/saveconverter/

FWIW, the srm (save ram) files are for the battery back up saves, ie the save files. The sav files are for state saves.

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