[clockworkpi-debian] Running retro-ipod-spotify-client 🎧

Watching the following video I found the project quite fun, and found that it had “small screen with low resolution” in common with clockworkpi

The guy did a follow up (there’s some retrogaming in there too) :

So I went ahead to the project on GitHub - dupontgu/retro-ipod-spotify-client: The software that powers the sPot: a 4th generation "Click Wheel" iPod with a full Spotify client. to try running it on the clockworkpi (the debian bulleyes version obviously) and here goes :

Some things still need to be changed for it to work, but posting early to see if anybody here would want such an “audio player” to work on their device… :ear: Tell me what you think


Would be really nice to have Spotify as additional app on the clockwork pi

That would be amazing. I’d love to have Spotify on here