Standardisation of ABXY

I ran a poll a while back and it seemed as though most people prefer to have their keyboard set to the ABXY snes style configuration vs. the Xbox style BAYX.

Going forward with development and creating a standard, would it be worthwhile to assume that people have changed their physical buttons to match?

Then comes the added standardisation of input globally.
@Petrakis has made references to doing an arduino flash of the keyboard to properly reflect the “correct” snes layout. I have made an image with as many “difficult” to compile implementations pre done. I can’t however have the arduino keyboard flashed to what I have, and thus have to have two internal versions; my own private one with all keys mapped to a flashed keyboard, and a standard one, mapped to the default setting.

Two thing: 1) would it be worthwhile to have new keyboards from now on flashed and remapped to the SNES style input? (Perhaps from 0.5 onwards when it is released) 2) is there a simple way to flash the keyboard via the gameshell itself? It’s easy to do on a computer, but another hurdle a beginner user could be daunted by.

I have mentioned this in another thread, but in changing the arduino’s layout, a change in configuration to any standalone app would also need to be changed. This can potentially cause an incompatibility between those who have flashed, and those who have not.

Basically in a nutshell, would it be worthwhile standardising everything to be a newer format? This will definitely be a lot of trouble and a hurdle for beginners. Having a simple streamline process to update the arduino would need to be the first point of action.

Just thought I’d open discussion, and thoughts. :slight_smile:

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The arduino way doesn’t break anything as you swap physically the buttons, so if in BAXY A was A in an emulator, with ABXY A will be A in the emulator, just in a different place.

That’s it! I’m fully with you on this, re preferring an arduino flash; in fact petitioning to have it standardised as the norm. It definitely doesn’t break anything, but rather alters the cardinal location of the expected inputs - for the better more often than not.

The A button will have moved from the down (J/H) position (Xbox) to the right (K/L) position (snes); remapping and switching the function of the J/H and K/L key to be right and down respectively.

This would mean that PCSX will have switched locations for O and X. Eg, an arduino update moves the X which is normally in the down position (J/H) to the right position (K/L). (And vice-a-versa for O)

The PCSX emulator has X set to J/H. J/H has now moved from the down position to the right position. This isn’t the correct placement for this emulator, and will need to corrected.

Likewise, mupen will need a lot of remapping, especially since the Gameshell‘s layout is nothing like an N64. This is slightly more finicky, since we really can only change this via editing a config file, since we haven’t got a GUI for it yet.

The setting to change to Xbox/snes in the settings, as you know only changes it in the launcher, with the option to do a simple update to the Retroarch config file.

The issue I’m raising for discussion and thought is having emulators set to a standard. Hopefully this all makes sense? If not, I’ll take it down.