GS displaying wrong controls in menu after switching to SNES button layout

So, i switched to the classic stlye SNES layout for hte buttons, swapped the physical buttons and changed the button layout in the settings to SNES. Its working fine in games , but the menu, is showing the wrong buttons corresponding to the actions. So , it says Y is scan but Y is actually delete etc."

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Known issue which unfortunately does not appear to have any plan of being fixed at the moment. (unless @guu has any updates, or new information)

Could fix it by simple swapping the footbar icons in the skin files. Since im using the OP1 theme anyway so if i messed it up wouldnt be abig deal. Wouldnt be an ideal solution but at least it would work. Since its only the foot bar icons that are an issue as far as i can see.

And of course if its fixed in a later update i;'ll end up sccrewing up my layout again…

That was actually one of the solutions another user posted, re changing the footer. Like you, I also wasn’t a fan of that method, given the nature of it breaking again if it ever gets updated.

I found this to be a better solution for now (Below). Just keep the layout according to the menu item set to Xbox mode, and it will work fine, regardless of what updated come out. Just make sure you reconfigure your emulators accordingly.

I don’t really want to do that because
A. its not really a solution, just basically keeping it in xbox mode like it was and
B. i dont even know how to get to the retroarch config within snes9x, and i dont WANT to configure retroarch controls ever cause if u screw them up u cant navigate the menu to configure them again and its a nightmare if u mess them up.

So i ll just keep in snes mode since, as i said, i dont wanna risk messing up the controls config menu of retroarch again . So this is the easiest way to configure it so i get the proper snes controls in game.

It’s more a solution on a system level, say on externally maintained apps that insist on having the input key in the “down” position (snes B) as the accept button that ignore any input changes you make in Gameshell OS that this pertains to. But if you’re just doing simple emulation, it probably doesn’t affect you, and it wouldn’t be a solution. Each to their own :slight_smile:

On a side note, re retroarch key config messing up, as long as you’re only changing the settings on a per core basis, you can’t possibly mess up anything, as long as you keep the global settings intact. See the link below.