Launcher button layout issue

Hi, when I use SNES layout, the legends aren’t changed and I have issues navigating around the menu. How can I fix it?

What happens is that when I use SNES layout, the menu still uses XBOX layout and legends.

Unfortunately it is a known issue. You can read more about it here:

I also use the SNES button layout. To fix it you need to edit the image file in ~/skins/[THEME NAME]/ (I think that’s the correct file path) and use Photoshop or something to reverse A/B and X/Y. If I remember and get a chance I’ll upload mine tonight

@Shwifty hi, can you upload the image files? Thanks in advance!

I’ll try get on it tonight. I’ve only got a white version right now because I use a dark theme, but I’ll make a black one (and maybe some others). I’ll make it as a new post seeing as a lot of people ask the same question

Hi, Veronica here. I’m a member of the dev. team.
I’ve reported it to the R&D guys.
Now I’m literally straring at them while they are tring to find a way to fix this in a way that is easy for all the GameShellers.

Hi, I just updated my launcher to the latest version and it still isn’t fixed. Both default theme and OP1 theme still have this issue.

I’ve checked it with R&D recently. Looks like they still need some time. We’ll post a topic when it’s solved.

It’s been a week, is it done yet?

I posted the button layout templates HERE for those using the SNES button layout if that helps

It looks like they pulled in my commit that reverts back to the original footbar button mappings

Not sure if they are deciding to just revert or are in the process of updating for some more permanent solution to please everyone, but it’s movement nonetheless.