Stuck at welcome page after upgrade to v0.5

Hi there,

I just upgraded my gameshell from v0.4 to v0.5 by using the upgrade shell script. After upgrade, my gameshell wouldn’t start normally, it always stuck at the welcom page. Does anybody know how to check and fix the issue? BTW, The WiFi is up.

If you can still SSH into the gameshell, try this:

Otherwise, you’re probably better off just copying everything from your gameshell you want to keep, and just flashing a fresh 0.5 image.

There have been a lot of people who have had problems with the update script. It seems the update script works best on an untouched 0.4 image, since there’s no knowing what has been changed already.

Thanks, I may just reimage the sdcard. It’s really annoying when you followed the official guide and then found it’s crashed…

Mmm yeah, it was definitely a trial at doing something to make life easier. It would be great when they get it working. That’s the biggest thing - making an update, and not forcing people to have to write their image again! Hopefully they get the update script working next time round. They don’t have any beta testers per se. That’s because it’s essentially us, the users!
Good luck!

How do I copy everything on my gameshell that I want to keep like my game progress? When I flash a new OS I don’t wan’t to lose my progress in games.

It will depend on which game you’re playing.
If you’re using Retroarch, from memory it saves save data to the respective game’s directory.
If you’re using a standalone emulator, ie not Retroarch, if sometimes stores the save files in the ~/apps/emulators/ directory.
N64 emulation stores it in a hidden directory in ~/.shared or something go that effect. (Although I’m guessing you don’t have that running yet)
PCSX has changed its directory to ~/apps/emulators/.pcsx/ (another hidden folder) where it holds data for memory cards. If used to be in ~/launcher/ or somewhere to that effect.
The save file for Cavestory is in ~/games/Cavestory/ or somewhere to that effect.
Your games are all in ~/games/ within subdirectories.
Bios files are in ~/apps/emulators/
Any other games that are built up will need to be double checked manually. Eg, quake has all of its files in a hidden directory within ~/ , so you’ll have to work it out on a per game basis.
In general, backup the following:


If you want, post exactly which game you need backed up, and which emulator you’re using.

I’m confused. Does it save automaticly?

Consider that gameshell to be a computer, and each emulator being a different program.
Depending on which program you’re using, they may end up saving your progress in a different location.
Different emulators or cores save files in different formats.
By default, most games do save your progress automatically, just like a real console. You can also do manual “save states” if you want, which can be loaded quickly with a hot key. These are also saved to files that can be backed up and restored.

Oh. Now it all makes sense. So it’s basicly just a normal linux computer.

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