SunVox on uConsole

Hallo! I’m considering buying the ‘uConsole Kit RPI-CM4 Lite’ WIFI only, with Raspberry Pi CM4 104000 lite core (I assume I also need this?), for the purpose of having a very portable SunVox device. I’ve been using SunVox since 2011 and love to use it on all kinds of devices, but I like it best on something ultra-(pocket)portable with a qwerty keyboard.

I’ve see some small mentions of SunVox searching on this forum, but it would be good hear how other SunVox users have got on with running it on uConsole. What OS did you install? etc. I have very little Linux experience, other than trying out a lot of different distros on an old Panasonic CF-U1 a couple of years ago.


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Not used this in Linux but screen size and use should be a consideration - I use a portable LCD game screen on the DevTerm and it is best for use with IDE’s like Visual Studio , Spyder… etc.

From memory SunVox do work fine on the DevTerm on the CM3 and the A06 so I don’t see why It would not work fine on the CM4?

As for “OS” you don’t really have the choice on that type of platform, it is linux only.

Thanks! That’s good to know. Yes it’ll have to be Linux I know, but there’s a zillion distros!

This is a pretty good tutorial on getting sunvox installed on a raspberry pi. it should be almost an identical setup on the console since the cm4 core is basically a raspberry pi. The only issue I can imagine might come up is the realtime kernel in the distro he’s using. whether or not that same distro will be usable on the uconsole I can’t really say not knowing if there are any crazy specific drivers needed for it. [SUNVOX modular synth on Raspberry Pi - YouTube] I want to do music stuff with my console as well. I have a M8 headless [GitHub - Dirtywave/M8HeadlessFirmware: M8 Headless Precompiled Firmware] setup I’m running right now using a raspberry pi 4 shoved in a Piboy DMG case.

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Many thanks for this. I’ve done it now and ordered the uConsole! The info you’ve linked will be really helpful. Thanks.