Super Mario War


I build a supermariowar game to gameshell, this is a pre-release build, simply extract the archive and add a menu item to the launcher, emjoy it.

I change the resolution to 320x240 by default, and you can set env SDL_RES to change it(saw the start script).

Source Code


Nice start… I’m looking forward to improvements! Currently, it freezes up the GameShell after a couple times running it.

For the inexperienced, to install:

mkdir ~/games/SuperMarioWar
cd ~/games/SuperMarioWar
sudo tar xzvf smw.tgz

Test run:

cd ~/games/SuperMarioWar
DISPLAY=:0;./start .

If all went well, install the script:

mkdir ~/apps/Menu/Super\ Mario\ War
cd ~/apps/Menu/Super\ Mario\ War
echo 'cd ~/games/SuperMarioWar'  > 'Super Mario'
echo './start .' >> 'Super Mario'

Now just launch the Reload UI to update the Launcher.