Gmenu2x build success!

This is a UI that can replace the official launcher


Looks nice !

This is the same UI as the Bittboy PocketGo, right ?
Can we configure the language to english ?

Yes, you can do this

I made it and it runs fine.

Any Idea on how I could launch it on boot ?


edit file like this

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Thank you! I thought of doing that.
But I was wondering if there was not a more “clean” way. Instead of launching, launch the Gmenu2x directly… ?

But at least it works. On the other hand I would like to understand how to create a shortcut to launch a program, like emulationstation and SorRemake for example.

I think I had to create some folders in “sections” first, “applications” and “games”. Then add some files for es and SorR, but what do you have to write inside excatly?

you can also edit this file to modify the launch configuration.

sections configuration can refer to here

Thank you !

But edit /home/cpi/.xinitrc doesn’t change anything :frowning:

How do I install this?

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It’s too late now but I’ll explain tomorow


to compile :

touch README.rst
make dist

you will found a dist folder, where all necessery will be found
create a .sh who cd to that folder and run ./gmenu2x

What’s the script for the .sh?
I’m not good with that stuff I tried to make one but it just boots back to the normal launcher lol

maybe your sh wasn’t executable ? try chmod +x on it
you could also put shebang at his top #! /bin/bash

assuming you renamed dist folder to /home/cpi/games/gmenu2x :

#! /bin/bash
cd /home/cpi/games/gmenu2x

chmod +x *your sh file*

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Only thing I didn’t put was the top line lol thank you!!

hey brotha how did you configure the controls?

it’s in the input.conf file, with keyboard key values

alright cool but how do I figure out the key value? I thought it was somewhere in this forum I just cant find it.

It’s here (I use Google to search for stuff on this forum, the search here is kinda bad):

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you could start with existing conf file

key is sdl 1.2 ones, check values here

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epic man got it workin. currently googling how to set up emus and roms. any info would be appreciated :slight_smile: