Survey Reminder

Surveys are being sent out, so be sure to check your email and fill it out for your GameShell order!

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Is the survey the thing that intakes color-demands and addresses?

Yes, it also lets you manager your pledge if you wanted to add on anything else (which I definitely took advantage of because I didn’t realize there was a Lego case and the Lightkey accessory until after the campaign ended).

If your pledge included a T-shirt, you also select the size you want in the survey as well.


I hope that we can order the light key seperately somewhere. I don’t think I will like the lego back, and plan to design and 3d print a different back, where I can fit the light key inside with just a little poking out

Don’t see why not, but surely it’d be nice to have the Lego back for quick prototyping, given the low cost.

I did not recall seeing a way to purchase just the Lightkey on it’s own. I’m assuming this is because the whole premise of the GameShell is to be a simple, modular system for everyone and the Lightkey won’t easily connect to the GameShell without the Lego rear case. While it is definitely possible to 3D print your own back to solve this problem, it’s far more likely that someone would purchase the Lightkey not knowing they needed the Lego case and not having a 3D printer to make their own (thus having an unhappy customer). In your case, you have an extra rear case and can then 3D print your own to fulfill your needs (and hey, if your rear case breaks you have a backup!)

Another survey reminder from Clockwork. If you’re one of the 403 that have not submitted your survey, you have until February 1st (tomorrow!!!) to get that done.