Swapping out Battery for Larger Capacity Li-Ion?

Just want to update that the new battery perform very well. I got over 3 hours continues playing time and it drop about 40%. So probably the total runtime should be around 6-7 hours.

Cash I sent you a message, hoping you can help me ordering a battery and having it sent to the US. Actually nvm I figured it out, what connector do I need to buy for the battery?

it’s me again. A friend said that a 3.8V lithium battery (cut-off voltage of 4.35V) could not be filled on the GS, and how much power was lost. He thought about how to crack the charging limit of the motherboard.

But in China, we don’t really have to do it so much. So I re-ordered and bought a 3.7V battery, (it took me so long because I went scuba diving in Indonesia for a month.) The size is 10 x 55 x 75mm, nominal capacity is 5000mah, which is a bit big, so this time I will not use the original transparent shell as a limiter. I put the battery directly into the machine. Secure in the body, then separate the keyboard box and battery with insulating foam tape (because the side with the protective board is higher than the side without it, so I only put one side)
This does not solve the problem of 3.8V battery well? There is no need to crack the motherboard. (although you may be happy)

As for the various battery boxes printed in 3D by other friends upstairs, with all due respect, I think it’s a bit superfluous. The purpose of replacing the battery is to plug the battery as large as possible in the limited space. I don’t know what it means to use the battery box.:slight_smile:

With the D-Pad/keyboard right above the battery, how does it work without a case supporting it?
I’d imagine either the keypad would be squishy and insecure; compressing up against your suggested cardboard spacer, or pushed up extremely tight against the battery.
If it’s the latter, how does compression of your cell fare? Piercing/puncturing of a lithium pack is a surest way to have a fire hazard. Compression, and leaking of the pack is just as bad. However if you’ve managed to find a pack that is exactly the right dimensions, while maximising the rated mAh, you may found the perfect battery!

I simply used a couple of layers of the packing material the battery came with. It allows a snug fit without too much pressure on the battery and does not effect key presses.

can you show me where you plugged it in once you installed the connector? please, I will be doing this mod soon, also are the colors red to red, and black to black when wiring the new JST?

The process of changing the wires on the battery and reversing the connector are well documented previously in this thread.

Thank you I will read through it, you guys rock. I appreciate the help.

Got the Adafruit battery and the 2 pin 1.5mm JST cables from eBay. Thanks @lasvegas and everyone else who gave clear directions on completing this mod.

I had another project with Rasp Pi4, but I the end I blew up the charging circuit as I connected the battery in the wrong place, not sure why it was labeled batt with the + and - sign. Anyway, due to that I had 3 5000 mah batteries sitting around, so I basically took out the current battery comparment, took out the connectors from the JST plug, placed the cables of the battery inside the JST connectors and bend them with pliers to hold the battery cables and used cable shrink wrap to cover it, very easy mod and solved the main reason why I did not use my gameshell much, battery life. I placed the battery inside the comparment but in vertical position. The battery is around 1 cm thick and I had it for months.

Since I made this change I had charged it 5-6 times as I do not use my gameshell much, but battery last a good amount of time, this is the battery I got:

Size is 105573, I have a charger that measures the mah pumped into the battery and seems legit, remember that the Gameshell is 5v and most battery cells are 3.7, so the charging rate will be the one you would get when pulling 5 volts out of a 3.7 battery which is going to be lower than the offical 5000 mah at 3.7.

The connectors talked about earlier on this page were all marked unavailable on every online store I go to. Would these work?

These are the cables that are unavailable everywhere I look. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0738CV1LP/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Okay I found the ones I was looking for on ebay.

thx, this, works for me.

what battery? post link please will you… lol