Tanglewood for Sega Megadrive/Genesis (and GameShell)

Hey there,

if you haven’t noticed: There’s a new game out named Tanglewood. It’s a classic jump and run game for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.

The best: The game comes with an .bin-file, which could easily copied to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis game folder and run with your GameShell. :slight_smile:

Here a trailer:

I actually bought it – it’s about 20 US-Dollars, not that cheap – but well made and really fun to play with GameShell.

If you haven’t set up Genesis/Mega Drive on your GameShell and don’t know how to:



That’s even better, the author is not against making an ARM build of the game based on the PC version. Can’t find the tweet, but he was considering to build a raspberry Pi version, and would be happy to test it on the Gameshell, but as it is not available, he can’t do it at the moment for the GameShell.


This is very cool. Never thought I’d get to experience a new Sega game ever again.

EDIT: Threw it on the Pi3 and the ambience is beautiful. The games a work of art.

Had a good two hour session on the GS as well. Just feels right.


It’s a really good game. I have the cart on pre-order but I had to get the steam purchase just for the megadrive ROM. I completed it after a whole evening dedicated to it.

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