The 4th Clockwork Game Jam Event (2019Q4)


We are now happy to announce our 4th Game Jam event in 2019. This time, let’s try to allow open public voting, we hope more people will participate in this event.

Theme: Robot

Which is your favorite robot? Astro Boy, Arale, Doraemon, Transformers, Bender, Marvin, D2R2, Baymax, WALL-E or the Iron Giant? It’s time to bring your dreams into reality. You can build a robot world, have an adventure with your robot friends, or even fight against the evil robot overlord. Please feel free to blow us away.

This time, many thanks to C9 and M.T Law, we are providing some character designs that you can use in your games if you want.

C9 and M.T Law are great independent artists who created the “Tin Town”. We welcome other artists to contact us to be featured in our future Game Jams.


Tin Town was once a quiet and happy place where Senior Courier Robert has been living in for years until the dark force, Bubble and Iron Ball, infiltrated in. Robert and his assistant Bob have been fighting against the dark force since then. Things are different now. Can they kick the dark force out of town like super hero movies? Or the dark force wins eventually?

Development Environment: any language that runs on GameShell

Specification of the ClockworkPi GameShell device could be found on

Deadline: must submit your game by Jan 12th, 2020; open public voting ends on Jan. 31th, 2020

Game Jam website:

Reward: CPI points * (based on Ethereum)

  • TOP1: 2000 points
  • TOP2: 1600 points
  • TOP3: 1000 points

Every 200 CPI points can exchange one GameShell kit. (CPI points are not redeemable for cash)


I’ll have to pass this time, but for anyone that’s interested and still looking for a software to develop with, GB Studio has just released a new version with some fine new features (additional colors, menus, etc.).
It’s super easy to get started with and a lot of fun (and free)! :smiley:


I may try and get something done this time. Got far too busy to get anything more than splashes and a menu for Q3.

Hardest part for me is coming up with a good idea that isn’t too complicated to complete in the limited time.


I will participate the jam again, but it seems the organization is as bad as the previous ones. There are basically no online activity going on for the jam. I think the jam should be shorten to just one weekend with extensive marketing effort to invite people to join. If @yong is too busy to do marketing etc, we can find volunteer organizers and judges for the jams. I will be certainly interested in such a role.

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We are testing to allow public voting for this time. Please refrain from abusing fair public voting rules. Clockwork Contest Judges have the right to penalize or disqualify a submission for reasons including, but not limited to, the violation of the above rules. Judges decisions are final.

I hope the feedbacks from Q2 and Q3 jams are taken into account. The voting for Q3 was a mess. It seems submissions to Q4 Jam will be voted by the public. I am quite certain that the voting will be abused. The rules are too ambiguous. What are the judging criteria? Please learn from the lessons of previous jams!


+1, as a 20 years homebrew dev i could also be judge if needed.


The new Warehouse functionality introduced in the latest OS should be a pivotal role in future game jams.

I was thinking that moving forward once the submission period is over, all entries should be added to a single warehouse, and then voting should begin. In theory this should result in an even distribution of votes, more votes in general, and potentially could even shorten the voting period.

Of course there are still some problems with this system. For starters we might need a green light from each creator to host all their game files in a centralized repository. Also I guess there is no guarantee each creator will have all their source code available in a public repository in the first place. Moreover not all games are guaranteed to even support the Warehouse’s three formats.

Well regardless of how the Warehouse is incorporated into future Game Jams, I hope the community will at least create an unofficial repository to host their own submissions. :grin:

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@Kirais, Thanks for your feedback. We are indeed too stretched to organize the jams all by ourselves. That’s why we choose to try public voting to see if it works. We will be watching for abusive voting behavior, and welcome volunteer judges like @r043v to help us. In future, ideas like @Team_AM_Squared 's using the new warehouse for Game Jams will be experimented.


4 days to submission deadline. Submit your game now!
You can also help us promote and vote!


I just advertised on pico-8, tic-80, GB Studio, LÖVE and Phaser discord servers. Let’s see the response!


Thank you so much!

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Maybe a public voting system could be combined with the warehouse. An app from the gameshell to vote, each gameshell have an unique CPU serial. So it can’t be abused as easily.

You could vote if you have a gameshell.

cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Serial

According to what ive seen, I think the 5 last numbers are unique.

Serial: 16554153080xxxxx


Once again, I will probably not finish on time. ONE OF THESE TIMES!! XD

I am making a rhythm heaven inspired mini game for this jam. So far so good! Hope to get more things done tomorrow!

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Even though there are only two entries right now, both of them look pretty decent!

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I didn’t have time to finish my game at the end… This time we have 7 entries. Now it’s time to play and vote!

I managed to get an entry done. Hopefully someone finds it entertaining!

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We have been busy with school and the holidays, but we managed to create something last minute for this game jam. It is far from complete, but it is at least in a playable state as is.

Also, we made a warehouse to host Robosses and our GameShell projects here.

If you are on the latest OS check it out!


I joined the jam a bit late but it was fun nonetheless!
My wife and I made a game called Petoo’s purpose, a simple visual novel!
I hope you guys will enjoy it! Thanks!

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