The Cheapest Keyboard Hardware Mod

Just ordered a couple of these from AliExpress, hopefully they fit! I feel like the amount of hardware modifications for the Devterm is much lower than the GameShell so far, so this seems like a ultra low-risk solution.


Be sure to let us know when you get a chance to test these – I’d love to do the same if they work well!

The Aliexpress link is dead. (At least for my view of the Internet.)

Can you share the Manufacturer and part number?

Package has been in sorting center for 2 weeks, I’ll update when they come in.

Panasonic EVQWJN007 Blackberry trackball

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Well, there it is, over a month of waiting but it works! Fit easily into the slot and has a nice rubberized feel.


Very clean. I am impressed how well the Blackberry part fits. Is the behavior and sensitivity identical to the default trackball?

The darker ball actually looks a bit better too, I think! I’d be curious to see a more detailed description of what you had to do to get the old one off and the new one attached. I can’t really tell by looking at the parts if they literally just snap in and make contact that way, or if there would be some careful de-soldering and soldering required.

Anyhow, looks good! Hope it also works well, or perhaps even better!

I’ve ordered a couple of these from this listing: 1PCS Japan Panasonic EVQWJN007 Blackberry trackball mobile phone navigation key multi directional multi function rolling ball|Semiconductors| - AliExpress

In the mean time it looks like a very simple drop in replacement:

  1. Remove the keyboard from your DevTerm
  2. Remove the screws from the back plate of the keyboard
  3. Remove the keyboard backplate
  4. Take out the scroll ball package
  5. Drop in the new scroll ball package
  6. Re-assemble everything

The scroll ball package just sits over this little sensor/button


The difference is negligible, the new ball is maybe a bit more stable in the socket, which is nice, but other than that it’s almost an identical feel.

Replying now that my order has arrived and I’ve installed the new trackball…

New trackball is pretty much identical to the original visually.

Original on left, new on right

The switch dimple on the underside is slightly different, but the clicking doesn’t feel different at all.

Installed, without the devterm shell in place (excuse the dust!)

The ball feels a bit more loose/floaty than the original, but otherwise feels smoother/nicer.