The DevTerm category

When you create a topic for help of explanation, please don’t forget to mention which Core Module you are using, either CM3, A06 or A04, as they are really different system, something applying to the CM3 will probably not work on the A06 etc…

Don’t hesitate when you create a new topic to put a CM3 , A04 or A06 tag depending on what you want to talk!


Hi @Godzil - can you add an R01 tag? there’s no tag for that yet (also, this post probably should be updated to include it as well :slight_smile: )

Tags can be created by anyone when creating a topic! Feel free to add the tags you need.

Thanks - that is not working for me - it may be linked to user trust level? (that’s how it works on a Discourse server that I run). It’s not a huge issue, but can be helpful for discovery and navigation.

I tried to create a tag for the r01 but was unable to do so.

Could someone do that?
My suggestion, following the other tags, would be: devterm-r01

There is already an “optional tag” R01.