U-Console Refund

Hello, I am writing a topic due to the refund problem of the U console.

The order number and email are personal information, so I didn’t leave them on the topic board. I ordered it on November 17th last year.

I received a refund of $219 (U-console model and shipping fee) by PayPal on June 5th, but I sent you $219 again using the PayPal system. Currently, the amount has been returned and refunded to your company’s PayPal. So I’m waiting for you to give me a refund again.

I tried to find out what I could do and asked help@clackworkpi.com / alex@clockworkpi.com / site chat but there was no answer. I’m writing on the topic board because I’m frustrated because I haven’t answered for a few days.

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any update? did you get your refound?

Sadly nobody on the forum will really be able to help you directly, sending an email is really the only location you can ask for that.

Please be patient, CPi can be slow to answer at times, but they should be back to you in a couple of days.