UAE+ adf files don't work

Hi there,

tried to load up adf-files with the pre-installed UAE±emulator of the current ClockworkOS build, but either the games/emulator itself tell me, that not enough RAM (some say at least 1 MB is required) is available or they didn’t load.

Put the games and .uae-files for testing purposes in the games-directory, even tried to use a kick.rom as suggested at the original builds, but nothing works for me.

If I use .uae files, the emulator shows, that there is nothing to load.

Has anybody worked this out and run .adf files (AMIGA 500, which I use) smoothly?

Would be awesome to here how it has worked out for you!

Thanks a lot.

Has anyone a idea? Tried really all sort of things. :confused:

Will check tomorrow, first thing :slight_smile:

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