Usa problems roms not showing up at all

hi there everyone i am new to this and i wanted to know is anyone else having problems with the uae emu i put the roms in there and the kickstart rom but it is not showing up can someone help me thanks

so the rom is ends with .uae?

and did u put rom into games/UAE ?

they end in adf and yes i have put them in the games/uae via wifi

UAE only shows rom ends with .uae,if you want to show rom’s name ends with .adf

just go to /home/cpi/apps/Menu/20_Retro Games/91_UAE+ in ssh
change the content of action.config to be like

ROM_SO=/home/cpi/apps/emulators/uae4arm -0

and what’ s the name of your UAE rom anyway?

fuzzball for the amiga

I‘ve tested the fuzzball
Downloaded two adf

use the action.config above can run the adf file,but seems the keypad/gamepad controller is an issue

I am not very familiar with UAE right now, I guess it needs a little config

hello i will give this a go and let you know via a update thanks so much for your help