Ubuntu 21.10 auto-update?

Hi folks,

I just built my DevTerm (A06, 4GB RAM) today. My first boot was fine, it immediately asked me to update software, so I did. Then it asked me to upgrade Ubuntu to 21.10. Is this a safe thing to do?



Just built my A04 today, same question.

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I don’t think it matters all that much - nothing happens when I click the “yep do it” button".

GUI doesn’t seem to work, have the same when installing .deb files.

Alternatively you can update to 21.10 with

sudo do-release-upgrade

So I’ve just done this and it worked pretty much perfectly. Except now I’ve got no network :confused: “No network devices available”.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Or am I just going to be without network access now?

Edit: and the screen won’t lock when I try to suspend the system.

I tried the upgrade. It booted when it was done, but then black screen. I haven’t taken time to see why, yet. It’s troubling because 21.04 is EOL now.


Are CPI aware of this, do we know?

The next time I booted after the upgrade it did come up. :person_shrugging:

I still need to poke at the repos that got disabled and see if re-enabling them breaks anything else.

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Went through the steps for distribution upgrade to 21.04, then 21.10, then 22.04.
Takes some time, but otherwise straightforward.

Took the time to remove unneeded packages along the way.

Only problem was that the WiFi wasn’t working.
The solution to this is to install the armbian-firmware package, then all good.