Uconsole A-06 shuts off when 4G module enabled

I’m having an issue with the 4G module on my A-06 uconsole where the system shuts off when running on battery power. As soon as I enable it using uconsole-4g enable the system powers off within 5 seconds or so. However, when charging via USB the cellular functions work great after upgrading the firmware and I’ve been able to use the internet, send/receive texts, etc. How should I go about debugging this issue, logs, etc? Thanks!

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Potentially your batteries aren’t good? Do you have spare 18650’s lying around you could try swapping in?

Sudden big current spike causing a voltage sag in the battery? You could try measuring the voltage on the power supply and see if it dips when you turn the 4G on.

If you’ve got batteries with built-in protection maybe it’s a little sensitive to how much current is drawn?

I have the same issue with my uConsole CM4: when I activate 4G module, immediately after that or on huge traffic load the device just turns off. My guess is the same: I need to replace batteries, use not this crap that I am currently using, but something with protection and preferably based on Panasonic cell. Just ordered a pair of such. It will arrive next week and I will test if I am correct in my suspicions.

Replaced my batteries as mentioned above: protected, based on Panasonic cell, 3400mAh (Batimex baterie, akumulatory, ładowarki :: Akumulator 18650 KeepPower 3400mAh 8A protected). Now the issue disappeared and also uConsole works much longer from batteries.