uConsole doesn't boot with 4G modules

The system powers off immediately if I have the 4G module installed. Boots up fine with either CM4 and CM3 modules. I’m suspecting that either my 4G module is faulty or my power supply is not beefy enough. I’m using a CanaKit 3.5A Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply (USB-C). I’ve tried both with and without the batteries installed. It also doesn’t boot with fully charged batteries. I’m considering getting a different USB-C power adapter and trying that, but given that I can’t power on using the batteries it seems unlikely to work. I’ve tried reseating the expansion connector and compute module a few times but no luck.

Has anyone faced a similar issue?

You have the uConsole running with the CM3 module??? What image are you using?

Used the same image as the CM4, but I have an HDMI monitor attached so I could see things.

But the USB sub system isn’t powered up so neither internal or external USB work. No keyboard or mouse. Still waiting for schematics of the newer main board. I suspect that when that part is fixed the WiFi will still be an issue. One of the data lines needs to tell the system to power up the USB (I think). I have a CM4S and it is closer, the keyboard and mouse work just fine, but the WiFi/BT are not there.

I was only testing if the unit powered on. I saw the colorful failure block on the HDMI display when I powered on a CM3 w/o the 4G attached and immediate power off with 4G attached. Same behavior with the CM4. to be clear I want to use CM4, I just tried a CM3 because I wanted to see if there might be any difference in the behavior.

I’m confident my 4G module is broken. I’ll reach out to support to get a replacement.