uConsole A06 LTE module autostart on boot solution

Just made a thing to let LTE module start on boot.

Done in systemd unit files.
This can handle module power on, Modem Manager startup queueing and restart Modem Manager with the LTE module.
The only downside currently is delayed shutdown for about 30s, for LTE module safe shutdown.



Hey, tried following the guide by placing the files in /etc/systems/system but they do nothing after entering the commands.
Also you named the file uConsole.service but the commands you explained mention:
3. run sudo systemctl start **uConsoleLTE.service** to start modem.
4. If you want it automatically start on boot, run systemctl enable **uConsoleLTE.service**.

Could you help me with this?

First of all… yup I fricked it up, the filename is wrong. it should be uConsoleLTE.service. by the way there should be no * symbol in the command, remove them. (Why you add those things in?)
Second, have you ran sudo systemctl daemon-reload before running those commands?

Last: You may want to look here for more information: https://forum.clockworkpi.com/t/uconsole-lte-modem-how-to-guide-for-a06-with-9001-stock-firmware

The GitHub Gist is updated to fix those filename issues.

Yea…the stars was this forum’s attempt at bolding text. There are no stars in the actual command I’ve tried.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll try it tonight.

Oh i somehow managed to make it run on startup, i changed the file to include LTE in the name but it does not auto connect. That will be the next thing i want to figure out.

So I can see the ModemManager when I check systemctl status, but i’m not seeing the uConsoleLTE.service doing anything after several reboots (even after enabling and starting it. I can add a mobile broadband connection, and following my service providers instructions, setup a connection config. i can see a 2 bar ATT and Verion signals, but it says LTE Roaming, and is greyed out/unselectable. Bad reception on my side maybe?

Im heading closer to town tomorrow to check in a known good signal area, and im modding my uConsole with primary and secondary u.FL to SMA with proper antennas monday. the weird part though, is both arbian-config and ifconfig only show the Local and WLAN interfaces with everything supposedly on but not connected. is that right?

Edit: I suppose I should clarify that I’ve been following your posts, and have done the first posts instructions, and then added the services you made, and have arrived at this point. The SIM I have is Data only, and the provider is only asking that an APN be entered in terms of configuration.

I can see towers by provider names, but the option to connect to them is grey out: AT&T (LTE Roaming) & Verizon (LTE Roaming). Ifconfig returns no connection other than lo(cal), but lsusb does show 9001 Qualcomm.

I’ve driven to where my Verizon cellphone gets full bars, and the uC modem get full bars too, but the option to connect is not present.

The auto-connect is a known issue of ModemManager not able to pick up the modem immediately. See the last link in last reply for more info – That’s a full guide for how to make everything work properly, resolving all the issues.

It looks your basic setup is working, at least ModemManager is working properly from now on, and that’s the whole post’s point.

For the problem you encountered, have you tried to add a Mobile broadband connection in NetworkManager yourself? In the manual operator creation you can fill in the APN settings the network operator given to you. And please also make sure which the underlying operator that your data-only SIM is needed, and select it when needed. Also, maybe your network operator is using a wireless band that doesn’t supported by the uConsole modem itself, in this case nothing much you can do about that, and maybe with some luck you can find a place that your operator have supported band nearby somewhere else.