uConsole A06 LTE + Suspend/Sleep

Preserved for future update, if I (got_my_device && everything_working && have_spare_time )


  • Suspend/Sleep work on uConsole A06
  • Get LTE Module work with Suspend/Sleep
  • Wakeup from SMS/Call in
  • Optimizing sleep power consumption

Sleep on uConsole A06 should be easy, as almost all hardware are same as DevTerm, which can sleep well.

LTE module may need some hardware work to get IRQ connect to some GPIO on mainboard? Waiting LTE module schematic published. (reverse engineering should be not too hard, as it’s just a EC-25 breakout board?)

Hope this LTE module has built-in sleep/wakeup logic, Datasheet needed (this should be floating on Internet and easy to be find)

Last, hope I had enough time to deal all this thing besides my daily work… :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Preserved for future update

Looks like they (Clockworkpi) has some basic documents done:

this is a fascinating thread on how to operate a modem in linux - I bought a used Panasonic Toughbook and while trying to update the memory I realized they have a 3G modem installed. I’ve loaded linux on it and it rocks!

Any ideas for US 4G LTE services? I bought a Mint Mobile SIM card for $0.99. Would likely help to sleep the 4G LTE service until I need it. I am honestly, not entirely sure how this works. I am more of a data guy.

the post on nmcli-with-gsm has bash commands you can turn the modem on and off from command line - hopefully there will be an icon in the upper right of screen to let you manage accessory nmcli with gsm · clockworkpi/DevTerm Wiki · GitHub

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Jumping in this thread for updates. I have an spare/free data only simcard from googlefi I hope to use with this.

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That’s my plan too…I use one in an LG Wing (Wild device) and still have two to use, really nice deal seeing as all three are free (And I just do unlimited data by default)